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Recorded in summer 2014 by Andrey Letchik at the Pentagram House studio.
Mixed by Andrey Letchik.
Artwork by Dima TRS.


released December 1, 2014




JARS город Москва, Russian Federation

formed in february 2011
Anton, Sasha, Max

we are jars you're worse than us

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Track Name: Arms
i was so upset when you've left but i don't think there's a choice met in right place but in wrong time who'd like that i'm sure i'd not we've reached the moment to let go there's nothing worse than a feeling that you're staying for too long it's like a timebomb it's like the toothache you have to pull it out or it will get even worse so pull it out my dear just pull it out let it come and let it go
Track Name: Shelter
and i love the way you move and i love the way you smoke the cigarette got a shelter now it's anywhere when you're around but i'm still ruining everything i think i'm the worst mistake you've ever made everything i do for you is always way too late got a shelter now it's anywhere when you're around you should never let me in